Estreilla Besson - piano, composition

Recordings May 2014 with Nicolas crosse (double bass), Eric-Maria Couturier (cello), Baptiste de Chabaneix (drums)

Vidéo, May 2014

Piece for solo cello :

''L’homme à l’âme de bois - The man with a wooden soul''

The metamorphosis of his fibers by the inner atmospheres. A swollen humid instrument, dried in the splinters of the being. Wooden soul to a fiery blade, a dialogue between a cello and his vibrant architect - Estreilla Besson, 2015.

Live interpretation by Eric-Maria Couturier at the ''Brionnais music Festival''

2014 - Eric-Maria Couturier, cellist, presents Oxygen or the end of a nightmare, composed by Estreilla Besson, in the context of the series : A solist, an opus of the ''Ensemble Intercontemporain'' Link to the article : http://www.ensembleinter.com/accents-online/?p=7379

Composition Juin 2016 for the contest ''Violoncelle en Seine''. Pauline Letombe 1rst price, 04/12/2016


Ensemble of contemporary music of the international university city of Paris

Recordings - 2016