.: Musician

Estreilla Besson was brought up in a world of poetry, philosophy and music.

She is tough the piano from the age of 5 through the discipline of both classical and jazz structures.

From 2011 to 2013 she studies at the Didier Lockwood jazz school « CMDL »

In 2015 she is rewarded at the CRR (Paris Regional Conservatory) with the DEM exam as a classical piano musician, in the classes of Célimène Daudet, and of Christian Rivet in chamber music. She followed the perfecting class by Rena Shereshevskaya at the Rueil Malmaison conservatory - In the year 18/19 she studied conducting in 'Aulnay sous bois' conservatory with Julien Guenebault. In 2019 she is accepted in the conducting class in Düsseldorf's Musikhochschule mit Rüdiger Bohn .

In parallel, she develops her own composing that she performs.
She is involved in a variety projects, mixing her own writing, improvisation, and poetry. She plays currently in duett with the jazztrumpetist Erik Truffaz, and soon with him and the Orchestre National de Lille and Orchestra National de Bordeaux. (…)

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.: Current activities

  • Composition of a repertoire for quintet & dance ''Lighting awakes" built and imagined with the singer Victoria Sheresheskaya

    .: News

    Concert | Erik Truffaz/Estreilla Besson avec l'orchestre national de Bordeaux
    on 03-Jun-2021
    Pièces pour piano, trompette et orchestre de Erik Truffaz

    Concert | Erik Truffaz/Estreilla Besson avec l'orchestre national de lille
    on 10-Dec-2020
    Pièces pour piano, trompette et orchestre de Erik Truffaz

    Concert | Concert duo Erik Truffaz-Estreilla Besson festival ´rdv de l’Erdre ´ Nantes
    on 30-Aug-2020

    Enregistrement | Direction d'orchestre
    on 26-Aug-2020
    Direction des compositions pour ensemble de Luise Volkmann

    Concert | Duo Estreilla Besson/Erik Truffaz
    on 12-Jun-2020
    Live-vidéo à Lille

    Concert | Direction d'orchestre : Dvorak concerto
    on 06-Feb-2020
    A la direction d'orchestre avec l'orchestre philharmonique de Satu Mare et Katarina Koppitz en soliste : Concerto pour violoncelle de Dvorak

    Concert | Direction d'orchestre : Webern 6 Stücke op6
    on 06-Nov-2019
    In Düsseldorf Musikhochschule

    Concert/spectacle | Lighting awakes
    on 30-May-2019
    ''Lighting awakes'' Victoria Shereshvaskaya (mezzo soprano) , Polina Streltsova (violoncelle), Quentin Coppalle (flûte), Yoann Hourcade (danse), Estreilla Besson (piano-composition)