.: Lighting awakes

Victoria Shereshevskaya (mezzo soprano), Estreilla Besson (piano/composition), Quentin Coppalle (flute), Seddam Novruzbeyov (clarinet), Polina Streltsova (cello) -Yoann Hourcade (dance)

At the start was the junction of Victoria Shereshevskaya's (mezzo-soprano) and Estreilla Besson's (piano/composition) paths in 2016.

They both had the will to unite a palet of expression, to renew them by their interaction - should it be through dance, poetry, painting, composing and some moments of improvisation .

The music is as a link for the chosen texts : extracts of the tao, some poetry... The result can remind the sound of many languages and of world music - some glossolalia acoustics are used as a crystallization of them all.

The pieces are inspired by contemporary music where both musicians meet in their personal sound modulations and diverse inspirations. . 

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