Estreilla Besson was brought up in a world of poetry, philosophy and music.

She is tough the piano from the age of 5 through the discipline of both classical and jazz structures.

After years of private lessons, she starts studying in conservatories.

From 2011 to 2013 she studies at the Didier Lockwood jazz school « CMDL ».

In 2015 she is rewarded at the CRR (Paris Regional Conservatory) with the DEM exam as a classical piano musician, in the classes of Célimène Daudet, and of Christian Rivet in chamber music. Presently she is following the perfecting class by Rena Shereshevskaya at the Rueil Malmaison CRR - It is mostly the 20 th and 21st century repertoire that she explores throughout her interpretation work. Bernard d'Ascoli councels her regularly, and she has had the opportunity to work a diversity of pieces in the contemporary repertory with Hideki Nagano and Florent Boffard.

She founds ''Estreilla Quartet'' between 2013 and 2016, with Rémi Vignolo (drums) and Eric-Maria Couturier (cello), Nicolas Crosse (double bass) from the ''Ensemble Intercontemporain'' of Paris. A band that cultivates her own compositions, intermixed with improvisation. ->

A duet founds its life with the singer Marie Mifsud Link , such as a quintet with the Mezzo Soprano Victoria Shereshevskaya Link. She is part of the contemporary orchestra ensemble of the Cité International directed by Fernando Palomeque and Alex Nante Ensemble Écoute , and is also working in Istanbul the Andrea Romani's (flûte/ney) Alonisma 5tet with Izzet Kizil (percussion), Tamer Temel (sax) et Apostolos Sideris (contrebasse).

Very much taken by balkan music, more specifically turkish, she visits the structures through her voice and plays with musicians of those cultures, developing the specific rythmes and makams inside her own composition. (…)

In august 2015, her first contemporary piece was for cello solo and was interpreted by Eric-Maria Couturier (Ensemble Intercontemporain of Paris) at the Music in Brionnais event.